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    St. Francis Herb Farm
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    Website Rebrand
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St. Francis Herb Farm is a family run business, the St. Francis Herb Farm has been passed down through generations and is currently owned by the son and daughter-in-law of the founders Monique and Jeremy Rivett-Carnac. It is a craft herbal medicines farm that uses traditional methods that have been used for hundreds of years, because that’s the way that yields the best results. Simple approach, natural and quality products in conjunction with knowledgeable herbalists, is what sets this company apart. To learn more or to order products from St. Francis Herb Farm, you can do so here.

The Ask: How can the St. Francis Herb Farm website be more user-friendly, to increase awareness and sales of their herbal products?

The Approach: Peller.Tech teamed up with Shopify to create a website that would streamline the look and feel of the website and give consumers multiple touch points to simplify the search and checkout process through the creation of an e-commerce store with a variety of customizable features.

St. Francis Herb Farm is an e-commerce business that strives to formulate herbal remedies of the utmost quality and integrity.
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