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Hankie is a trip planning tool that focuses on group travel. It is the wiser, ultimate, organized way to manage your next trip.

The Ask: Planning a group trip is such a hassle. How can we create a platform that streamlines the process of planning?

The Approach: Our initial idea was to streamline the planning process and that’s exactly what we did. Collaborate with your friends and have all travel ideas and information in one place that can be easily accessible for everyone involved. But we didn’t just develop a planning tool, we created a hub - a community in fact surrounded by like-minded individuals who love to travel.
    The Results:
  • One tool that all friends can have access to
  • Share ideas (hotels, restaurants, attractions etc.)
  • Keep all travel communication within the app using the chat box
  • Make your trip public and share with other Hankie.io users
  • Browse, rate and share trips
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