Type Web Application (Mobile Friendly)  Release: February 2018
Crypto Sportz is the first decentralized platform for peer-to-peer bets on the biggest events in sports and eSports events.

Idea: Making simple bets with friends on your favourite sports should be a painless process. The online betting world is overcomplicated and sometimes untrustworthy. How can we create a platform that is easy to use and operates in an autonomous and trustless way?

Approach: We decided that the blockchain was the answer to our questions. More specifically, we gravitated towards the Ethereum network for its "smart contracts" which are self-executing sets of code. By utilizing these, we created a system by which users can participate in the betting fun without worrying about their entry or payout. As long as a game is open, users can jump in and wager some ETH. For successful bettors, the smart contract automatically sends an ETH reward proportional to the amount wagered.
  • Users have a fun way to put their cryptocurrency to use, no more “HODLing”
  • All bets are executed by self-operating smart contracts—no one (not even us) can interfere with entry or payouts
  • Simple game mechanics, we wanted to avoid the experience of bookies, bet lines, spreads, etc. Predict a winner and enjoy ETH if you guess correctly
  • The blockchain empowers platforms like Crypto Sportz to disrupt industry and provide a truly secure, user-focused experience
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