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We are a team of technology evangelists working as an agency based in downtown Toronto. Our focus is on delivering custom technology solutions for early and mid-stage businesses that maximize our clients' investment in their business. Innovative thinking and attention to detail are the hallmarks of our craft.

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Our developer team is: Nimble. Smart. Passionate.

Tomash Devenishek - Agency Founder / Developer
Tomash Devenishek - Founder

Having worked in and with some of Toronto's biggest digital agencies and startups, Tomash has decided to create peller.tech in order to empower entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses to transform their ideas into reality without breaking the bank. He brings with him exerience in building mobile startups, building robust web applications and developing websites for Canada's biggest brands.

Our Approach & Services.

1. Simplicity Through Strategy

Above all, our agency strategy team helps clients distill ideas into minimum viability concepts that can then be efficiently developed into real digital products such as apps, websites or more. This consultative process is at the heart of everything we do.

2. Product Planning

Before the first line of developer code is written, we complete a number of pre-production steps such as wireframes, content plans and technology stack assessments aimed at saving our clients time and money during development as well as making sure that their app or web ideas are clearly distilled into future deliverables.

3. Design & Build

We use our award winning digital design and user experience (UX) team to visualize "the product" and bring it to life. "The product" may mean mobile apps, web apps, e-commerce web stores, or simple digital properties (like websites) that deliver on our clients objectives and ideas.

4. Go to Market

Build it and they will come may not always work. We leverage our deep subject matter expertise in launching and growing digital products in order to help our clients products grow and evolve over time according to their user and business needs. Such tactics may include SEO, Inbound Marketing, CRM, Email and Digital Advertising.

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We can't always talk about our work because we work with various local agency partners that often require us to sign non-disclosure agreements. But the list below should give you a good sense of the types of cool things we get to do day to day.

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